DA announces Ndlambe candidates

BY Andrew Whitfield (MP), Frontier Constituency Leader

On behalf of the Democratic Alliance, I am proud to announce the 2016 list of DA candidates for the Ndlambe Municipality.

We recently concluded a rigorous candidate selection process which has produced the best candidates from the pool of applicants who made themselves available to contest the 2016 local elections on behalf of the DA.

The DA is confident we will grow in Ndlambe in the 2016 elections as the party continues to strengthen from election to election.

With branches and candidates in every ward, the DA is well positioned to take our message and manifesto to the people.

The ANC has turned its back on the constitution and the people. The time is now for all freedom-loving South Africans to stand up and vote the ANC out of government. It is time to vote for a party who will uphold the rule of law, defend the constitution and deliver to the people.

Where the DA governs we create jobs, cut corruption and deliver better services.

Proportional Representation List:

  1. Jane Cowley
  2. Khanyisa Daweti
  3. Phil Kani
  4. Genevieve Cannon
  5. Jocelyn Guest
  6. Angus Schlemmer
  7. Bryce Adriaan
  8. Thunelwa Mbekela
  9. Nompumelelo Sessegnon
  10. Lorraine Samuel
  11. Msindisi Manengane

Ward Candidates:

  1. Genevieve Cannon
  2. Genevieve Cannon
  3. Jocelyn Guest
  4. Phil Kani
  5. Thunelwa Mbekela
  6. Jane Cowley
  7. Khanyisa Daweti
  8. Thunelwa Mbekela
  9. Ndileka Nobebe
  10. Ray Schenk
 April 12, 2016
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