No soft landing for Makana's three blind mice

BY Andrew Whitfield (MP), Frontier Constituency Leader

The ANC must prove that it's proposed reshuffling of the Makana municipality’s mayor, speaker and chief whip is not merely a cosmetic anti-corruption crusade. 

If they are serious about getting tough on corruption and maladministration, the city’s three blind mice, mayor Zamuxolo Peter, speaker Rachel Madinda-Isaac and chief whip Juilia Wells cannot be given a soft landing by simply redeploying them elsewhere.  If they are not fit to serve in Makana, they are not fit to serve anywhere. 

Maladministration and corruption is the thief of opportunity and the enemy of freedom and progress.  In a fair society a strong message need to be sent that there is no place for non-performers.

The ANC is feeling the threat of the DA as a credible alternative government in the Makana municipality.  We called for Makana to be placed under administration, the ANC listened and finally acted; the DA called for the mayor and speaker to be fired for the past three years and the ANC have finally listened. 

We cannot waste any more time in dealing decisively with public servants who don’t have the interests of their city at heart.  When the ANC fires mayor Peter we must not rejoice. We must ask why it has taken them so long. Why has the ANC allowed things to get so bad before taking action? The ANC must not be rewarded for doing the right thing. This is what they are expected to do.

The DA is looking forward to the 2016 local government elections where the voters of Makana can send the strongest sign of disapproval by voting out the ANC and voting in the DA.

 July 22, 2015
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