Registering to vote a first step to change in NMB

BY Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate for Nelson Mandela Bay

In this year's Election, the people of Nelson Mandela Bay have the opportunity to elect a government that delivers better services, cuts corruption and creates jobs.

For too long we have been at the mercy of rampant unemployment, corruption, unacceptable housing backlogs, dilapidating RDP homes, murderous gangsterism and drugs - all because the ANC government in NMB has given up on delivering a better future.

This week eleven DA billboards have gone up around Nelson Mandela Bay to remind the people of this Metro of the importance of registering to vote.

Registering to vote is the first step to bringing change. If any eligible doesn't register, they cannot vote, and cannot be part of change in Nelson Mandela Bay.

With the first registration weekend set for the 5th and 6th March 2016, the time for activism is now!
Every eligible voter needs to be registered in the ward in which they currently live. Any voter who has moved since the last election must re-register, in order to vote in their ward.

Change is coming to NMB, and with it a new era of freedom, fairness and opportunity.

 January 14, 2016
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