2016 is the year of change that will finally deliver better services in NMB

BY Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate: Nelson Mandela Bay

Nelson Mandela Bay is a tale of too many forgotten communities, plagued by non-existent service delivery and rampant corruption, as we have once again seen here today in Ward 40’s Kuyga.

We have seen how low-hanging illegal connections along Nzotoyi Drive expose our people to serious risk on a day to day basis. Bucket toilets and a broken sewerage network all add to the horrific conditions in which the residents of Kuyga are forced to live.

The pain of Mrs Patikala whose home was burnt to ground is devastating – worse still, the municipality refuses to assist. This ANC government’s focus on enriching themselves at the expense of jobs, houses, dignified sanitation, proper roads, clean water and reliable electricity must end, for service delivery to be reignited. A well-run NMB Metro, under the DA, will immediately work to improve service delivery by:

  • A full and comprehensive audit of the Metro’s infrastructure by I&E directorate, identifying existing weaknesses to allow for an effective repair strategy.
  • A full financial audit of all directorates – charge those found to have engaged in corrupt or fraudulent activities.
  • Increase the infrastructure budget in line with comprehensive audit to improve repairs of all major infrastructure collapse hotspots.
  • Introduce tender expiration flagging system which identifies tenders due for renewal prior to expiration. This will avoid the situation where a tender expires preventing the delivery of basic services (e.g. Hot tar tender).
  • Introduce online fault reporting system, merged with municipal website, which allows for 24 hour reporting.
  • Re-introduce municipal monitoring task teams that assesses municipal infrastructure on an ongoing shift rotation basis, keeping an up to date report on the status of all infrastructure.
  • Bolster and support a fully-functional water leaks task team so as to drive down water losses which currently stand at 45 billion litres a year.

With the above strategy in place, service delivery will improve in Nelson Mandela Bay. Where the DA governs, services are delivered, jobs are created and corruption is booted out.

Government is accountable to you, the voter. If it fails to deliver, you have the power to vote in a new one that delivers better services, cuts corruption and creates jobs. It is unacceptable that so little has been done to bolster our local economy so that sustainable jobs are created – almost 50% of NMB’s youth are unemployed under this uncaring ANC government. This weekend, on the 5th and 6th of March 2016, every eligible voter can and must register to vote. Every voter needs to be registered where you live in order to make your mark at this year’s local government election. The DA is committed to winning Nelson Mandela Bay at this year’s local government election, with the prioritised intention of improving service delivery to every single resident.

 February 29, 2016
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