Abandoning rectification is a slight on hundreds of thousands of NMB residents

BY Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate: Nelson Mandela Bay

Last year Mayor Jordaan is on the record as saying at a council sitting that NMB residents should choose between rectification and additional construction.

Having decided against further rectification, this ANC administration has effectively turned its back on hundreds of thousands of our people forced to live in poorly constructed and crumbling RDP homes.

The redundant and “closed” Red Location Museum is a direct consequence of this recent decision to not rectify poorly constructed homes in the community, all of which are falling to pieces.

From the outset, many incompetent contractors were commissioned, through jobs-for-pals tenders, to do work that they were clearly incapable of doing.

The ANC, as a direct result of corruption, has subjected our people to live in dangerous and deficient housing structures.

The DA-led government in the City of Cape Town has just handed out 14200 title deeds to delighted residents, while on the contrary the ANC government in Nelson Mandela Bay has only managed to meet 15% of its own meagre housing target, with not a single title deed transfer, despite the intervention from the national department of human settlements.

The DA suggests a 5-point turnaround and prevention plan, as follows, which will be implemented once elected into office here in NMB:

  1. Action forensic audits on all housing-related supply chain management processes and prosecute any official found guilty of mismanagement and/or corrupting supply chain management.
  2. Implement contractor and SMME screening to guarantee qualifications, capabilities and competence.
  3. Zero-tolerance on political interference and prosecute any individual found guilty of political interference.
  4. Enforce legislation around preventing government officials from doing tender work with government.
  5. Set out a standard operating procedure to ensure seamless  cooperation and coordination between all spheres of government, especially in the departments of human settlements, water and sanitation, and public works.

Crumbling houses are a as result of corrupted contracts in the most corrupt department in the Metro.

We will submit questions in Parliament and in the provincial legislature to determine how many contractors have been blacklisted or criminally charged as a result of this illegal activity and poor workmanship. . It is unacceptable that housing, which is crucial to the dignity of our people, has been so improperly and corruptly managed by this ANC government.

The DA can win in Nelson Mandela Bay at this year’s local government election, to usher in a government of efficient service delivery.

 February 10, 2016
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