Metro Police launch exposed as another Danny Jordaan broken promise and lie

BY Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate: Nelson Mandela Bay

The disruption and abandonment of today’s Metro Police Launch, has exposed the glitzy media event as nothing more than a sham, a lie and a broken promise.

Today SAWMU regional secretary Mqondisi Nodongwe confirmed to the DA what we have been suspecting for some time: ANC Mayor Danny Jordaan’s metro police launch was faked by putting ordinary Municipal staff in Metro Police uniforms, without any training or recruitment.

Jordaan has today tried to fool the people of Nelson Mandela Bay. It is clear that Jordaan is following in the footsteps of his ally, Jacob Zuma, who is also trying to fool the people of South Africa.

Nodongwe confirmed on the record that none of the “metro police officers” had received training and were simply handed out an unexplained rank and instructed to put on different uniforms.

SAMWU members had gathered near Vuyisile Mini Square at the beginning of the launch and began singing when Mayor Jordaan started his speech, which was then interrupted when disgruntled traffic officers turned their vehicle sirens on.

So far all Mayor Jordaan has managed to achieve for a Metro Police Force is the unveiling of borrowed vehicles, fake Metro Police officers, a criminal appointment to the Head of Safety and Security and a Metro Police Chief who has earned over R1-million per year with absolutely no officers on the beat.

Now the Mayor plans to do more of the same, except this time he is placing additional lives at risk by putting untrained traffic officers into the firing line of criminals. As gang violence spirals out of control in PE’s Northern Areas, Danny Jordaan is now marching untrained Municipal Staff into harm’s way, instead of trained and equipped Metro Police Officers.

Only the DA will deliver an effective metro police force that will serve the people and make our streets safe again. It is time for change that gets us moving forward again.

What is needed are well-equipped metro police headquarters, comprehensive combat, defence and firearm training, proper vehicle and equipment procurement and branding, and the hiring and screening of additional personnel.

 May 13, 2016
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