Open letter to Danny Jordaan

BY Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate: Nelson Mandela Bay

Dear Mayor Jordaan,

My two open letters to you, sent last year and still without reply, refer.

In them I asked you to come out of hiding and come clean with the people of Nelson Mandela Bay about the $10 million FIFA bribe scandal which is consuming you as the Mayor of our Metro.

You slighted the people, you hid from scrutiny, and you refused to take responsibility. So again I write to you to ask for your honesty on behalf of our people. While this letter is addressed to you it is really about the hard-working, freedom-loving people of Nelson Mandela Bay. People who for too long have been under the thumb of your corrupt ANC government leaving them without jobs or proper service delivery. When President Zuma deployed you to Nelson Mandela Bay some people thought that things would change. The people boldly said “give him a chance” - only to be predictably disappointed when news broke of your involvement in the FIFA bribery scandal.

Instead of change they got more of the same from the ANC: disgraceful corruption. When FIFA confirmed this week that a $10 million bribe was paid to secure the 2010 World Cup, our Madiba Magic memories were dashed, all in the disgusting name of corruption and greed. Adding insult to injury, in a week of misery for the South African people, ANC colleagues of yours have exposed grotesque state capture at the hands of the Guptas who call the ANC friends.

Your ANC colleagues this week stood up and told the truth. The question is: will you?

You have played the people like pawns in an ANC corruption chess match; used and fooled at the will of a select few.

Last year you admitted that you had facilitated and signed a deal that saw the transfer of funds to Jack Warner but assured us that this was not a bribe. Danny, your signature is on the letter to FIFA!

FIFA having now confirmed that this deal signed off by you was in fact a bribe, makes you responsible, by your own admission.

As the Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, the integrity of our Metro, its government and the interests of the people, demand that you immediately lift the veil on allegations of this R160 million bribe.
Come clean Danny Jordaan, come out of hiding and tell us the truth!

The people of Nelson Mandela Bay have been let down by successive ANC mayors in past years, and don't deserve to be let down again.

In this year’s election, the people of Nelson Mandela Bay will make choices about what kind of Government they want, and we refuse to let corruption be an option.

I trust you will do the right thing, for the people.

Yours Sincerely,
Athol Trollip

 March 20, 2016
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