Marginalised communities in BCM need a responsive local government

BY Athol Trollip (MPL) Eastern Cape Provincial Leader

The people of Buffalo City can live in a society where freedom, fairness and opportunity prevail if they have a responsive local government.  What the people of Amalinda Forest and Sweetwaters in King William’s Town need is access to housing, sanitation and jobs. 

They have been marginalised by the ANC’s neglect to listen to the people.   Their unhappiness with the ANC’s preferred candidates for them has been a direct reason for the regular protest action right here on the Amalinda Main Road and on the road from Breidbach, leading to Bhisho. 

A house and a job are the cornerstones of providing a person dignity. The DA’s manifesto highlights our plan to work with private- and non-profit sectors to ensure that a range of housing opportunities are available for different income levels.  This goes hand-in-hand with speeding up the delivery of title deeds to state-subsidised housing so that recipients have legal ownership of their homes. 

I dare any official from BCM to produce the city’s housing list.  Does it exist?  We should not tolerate this unresponsive local government any longer.  King William’s Town has been treated like the ugly step sister.  It is no surprise that some residents want a sub-council here. 

We want to make local government more responsive by attracting the next generation of fit-for-purpose municipal officials through graduate recruitment programmes.  You must vote in councillors who will hold regular meetings where residents can raise concerns and ideas on municipal issues. 

A well-run municipality will attract the investment we need to create jobs in this area. 

South Africans face a choice.  We can either choose the status quo of corruption, empty promises, poor service delivery and high unemployment or we can choose the change that a DA-run local government can bring. 

We want to bring the change that will move the Eastern Cape forward again.

 July 10, 2016
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