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BY Athol Trollip (MPL) Provincial Leader

DA Leader in the Legislature Athol Trollip is pleased with the successful outcome of a land claim matter recently dealt with by his office


Since 2006 Mr Syd Ewers and his family had a problem with a land claim that was supposed to be paid out to them. They tried every possible avenue to finalize this land claim, but to no avail. They paid huge amounts to lawyers who also had no success in assisting. Mr Ewers and his family never gave up hope and pursued this case to extremes. Mr Ewer’s Mom is old and sick and he so much wanted this claim to be finalized in her lifetime to enable her to still enjoy some of the fruits of all their hard work.


Eventually in desperation Mr Ewers contacted the DA and asked for assistance. We took up the matter on his behalf.


We wrote to the Minister, Mr Nkwinti, the DG, Mr Shabane, the land claims commissioner, Ms Gobode, the director of admin support in the office of the DG, Ms Bouwer, the acting land claims commissioner, Mr Maphoto, the deputy director, Ms De Kok in the land restitution support office. We were sent from pillar to post with the promise that this claim was receiving attention. We wrote and phoned at least twice a month.


This case became an embarrassment to us as Mr Ewers would phone us every week to ask if there is any progress and we had to keep informing him that we are working on it. All the departments were just dragging their feet and left us frustrated.

I must commend my PA for never giving up and always following through. Due to her diligence and on-going effort by following up on a regular basis we eventually got the following news on 25 October 2013, seven years after this matter was first started:


Dear Mr Trollip,


Payment was finalized by national. The settlement of funds has been transferred to Mr. Ewer’s bank account and will be available on the 28/10/13.


This once again proves that one must never give up – ‘perseverance will be rewarded’.


This has been our motto in our office and in our political party too.

 November 07, 2013
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