No service from Inxuba Yethemba Municipality due to go-slow

BY Cllr Bettie Lawens Inxuba Yethemba Municipality

Residents of Cradock are bearing the brunt of a total shut-down of service to the public due to a go-slow by employees of the Inxuba Yethemba Municipality. 

A well-run town provides a good quality of life for all, along with access to basic services and well-maintained public spaces.  Instead, there has been no refuse collection for the last two weeks. Dustbins are overflowing and rubbish is spreading all over while the municipal workers roam the streets.  This week, electricity pay points were also closed as office staff joined in on the go-slow, forcing residents to buy their pre-paid electricity from supermarkets.  

Last weekend Cradock was visited by hundreds of people for the annual Fish River Canoe Marathon.  They were welcomed by piles of rubbish.  The Canoe Marathon brings revenue to Cradock and this town cannot afford to lose business and opportunities because of dirt and filth. 

The go-slow is because municipal refuse removal workers have not received protective clothing to do their jobs.  According to them, they were told by the municipality that protective clothing was ordered and paid for in June already.  Should that be the case, the DA is greatly concerned about the credibility of the supplier the municipality is using. 

I wrote to the Municipal Manager, Mzwandile Tantsi, on Friday, 7 October 2016, to inquire what measures the municipality is taking to solve this matter.  I also requested the name of the supplier, tender documents and proof of payment.  A time frame of 7 days has been given to the municipality to respond to my letter.

In order for the Eastern Cape to become a province of freedom, fairness and opportunity, we need municipalities that are well-run and able to create a caring and safe environment for all its residents.

 October 14, 2016
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