DA condemns defacing of another statue

BY Cllr Dillon Webb, DA PR Councillor - Buffalo City Municipality

Buffalo City has fallen victim to yet another statue being defaced. Months ago the Anglo Boer War Statue was defaced by the City hall in East London. This time the Queen Victoria Statue in King Williams Town has been defaced by red spray paint with the letters “EFF”.


One can only assume this has to do with the EFF rally due to be held in King Williams Town next week Saturday, 12 September 2015.  If the EFF are really involved in these barbaric and foolish ways to spread their message by damaging our towns and cities, then legal action must be taken against them to teach them a lesson.


In terms of the law, found in sections 27, 29 and 34 of the Heritage Act (Act 25 of 1999), all provincial heritage sites must be protected if they are 60 years and older. This is clear that Buffalo City has an obligation to protect and maintain our statues at all times.


We cannot change history. Our country’s heritage is part of our history and simply cannot be ignored or taken for granted. Our statues in our cities and towns should be seen as a reminder of our past and on how far we have come in our young democracy.

I will be writing to the Buffalo City Municipal Manager asking him to see to it that the statue is clean and what steps Buffalo City will put in place to ensure that our statues are protected from harm in the future.

 September 04, 2015
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