The real State of the Metro is a bad story to tell

BY Cllr Lance Weyer, DA BCMM Caucus Spokesperson

The ANC of Jacob Zuma has once again staged an extravagant smoke and mirrors exercise, costing hundreds of thousands of rands, which amounts to nothing more than an attempt by the ruling party to find “good stories” to tell just weeks before the election.

This was conducted just a week after an equally elaborate “Council Open Day” was held at City Hall, and is once again in contravention of a National Treasury notice to eliminate non-priority expenditure.

Neither of these events actually served to engage stakeholders and communities, but these were rather an excuse to grandstand and feast at the expense of the citizens of Buffalo City.

In her speech, Mayor Zukiswa Ncitha highlighted several achievements, and totally glossed over the major issues affecting the city.

The real story of the State of the Metro is a bad story to tell - it is one of maladministration, corruption and wasteful expenditure:

  • A qualified audit opinion from the Auditor General.
  • R781 million in irregular expenditure.
  • R102, 9 million in water losses and R85, 3 million in electricity losses.
  • Underspending the capital budget by R384, 6 million.
  • Above-inflation tariff increases.
  • Infrastructure backlogs totalling billions of rands, particularly in roads, water and electricity.
  • A dysfunctional Supply Chain Management Unit.
  • A generally dirty city due to a Community Services Department crippled by poor leadership.
  • Slow pace of housing delivery and electrification of informal dwellings.
  • Pit latrines are considered acceptable sanitation, and there are plans to roll out thousands more.
  • Failure to deal with forensic investigations that uncover fraud and maladministration.
  • Failure to deal decisively with the Nelson Mandela Memorial taxi scandal, including a mayor who hinders law enforcement from conducting investigations into corruption.
  • A municipal manager and mayor who are unable to work together.
  • An ineffective public-participation process that amounts to nothing more than window dressing.

The ANC leadership in Buffalo City has its head in the sand while our city is falling apart around us.


It is clear that the ANC of Tambo, Mandela and Mbeki no longer exists in Buffalo City. Jacob Zuma’s ANC is not in politics to transform South Africa into a better place for all. It is in politics to enrich itself, its friends and its family. We see it every day in our communities – especially here in Buffalo City where we have so many multi-million rand scandals.


The DA in Buffalo City will never stand by quietly while this looting happens. Where the DA governs, people’s lives are getting better and better. More money goes to ordinary people because we are serious about stopping corruption and spending more money on delivering services.


The time for change is now.  On the 7th of May voters must send the Jacob Zuma led ANC a loud message that enough is enough.


Together for Change, Together for Jobs.

 April 15, 2014
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