Janseville burns over non-payment of salaries

BY Cllr Samantha Jankovich, DA Mayoral Candidate: Camdeboo/Ikwezi/Baviaans Municipality

The Democratic Alliance condemns the actions of Ikwezi Municipality in Jansenville for once again failing to pay the salaries of its workers.

The small town is currently burning as frustrated workers took to the streets to voice their concerns.

This is not the first time workers are protesting over non-payment of their salaries. This proves that Ikwezi Municipality is bankrupt and is badly managed. We cannot allow this to happen 22 years in democracy.

It is time Jansenville residents vote for a government that will bring positive change to their small town.

Under a DA government, proper financial management will be instituted in Ikwezi.

The municipality will become part of the larger amalgamated municipality after  the Local Government Elections and the DA is ready to govern and bring change in this municipality.

The DA is the only party that will stop corruption, create jobs and deliver better services for all.

People of Jansenville need to vote for positive change in the upcoming Local Government Elections on the 3rd of August 2016.

 April 28, 2016
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