Matatiele Mayor refuses to address service delivery matters

BY Cllr Wonga Potwana, Councillor in the Alfred Nzo Constituency

The Democratic Alliance calls on Matatiele Mayor, Momelezi Mbedla, to ensure that the area’s police station and local clinic are fully operational and services are delivered to these much needed service facilities.

The two community amenities had closed down because water and electricity had been cut off.

The energy and public works departments under the ANC government does not care about the health and well-being of community members in Matatiele.

Having a clinic that does not have access to clean running water and electricity is an insult to the community of Matatiele.

Lack of services at the Afsonderning Clinic has forced some nurses not to report for duty. This means nurses are being paid for staying at home.

The continued maladministration by the ANC government and Mayor Mbedla gives the community more reasons to vote DA for change that will move Matatiele forward again.

Mayor Mbedla also needs to explain why parts of Matatiele were side-lined when an estimated amount of R80 million was made available by the department of energy and public works.

On 3 August, residents need to vote DA for change that will stop corruption, create jobs and deliver better services for all.

 June 01, 2016
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