DA Makana condemns armed-robbery at Constituency office

BY Councillor Mlindi Nhanha, DA Caucus Leader in makana Municipality

Two armed men walked into the Democratic Alliance Makana Constituency Office yesterday morning just after 10:00 and aggressively held staff, public representatives and a member of the public at gun-point.

The involved victims had just drawn a large amount of cash from a nearby bank and the money was intended to pay for the funeral of a family member who had died tragically.

One of the targets held at gun-point was the two year old daughter of a DA staff member.

The woman who had drawn the money was kicked and roughed up until she surrendered and handed the cash over to the thugs. No other person was physically hurt although all were shocked.
The Democratic Alliance would like to compliment the Grahamstown South African Police Force and Hi Tec armed security for their rapid response and we hope that arrests will be made soon.

The fact that one of our smaller rural offices should become the victim of the crime scourge plaguing our country is indicative of the extent of the problem in South Africa. Crime is a major factor that inhibits our progress as a nation, and the Democratic Alliance’s plan for the expansion of the numbers and capabilities of the South African Police Force needs to be implemented as soon as possible.

The DA will provide municipal services that prevent crime, and protect the community who they are accountable to.

 January 27, 2017
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