Emergency road maintenance and flood damages in Kouga & Koukamma

BY Elza van Lingen (MP), DA Constituency Leader: Kouga

After several calls by the residents in both Kouga and Koukamma about the damage caused to roads during the heavy rains over the last week, I held an urgent meeting with Mr Randall Moore, Chief Engineer, in the department of Roads and Public Works yesterday (Friday 4 September).


In Koukamma, the Suuranys road (DR1800) has been inaccessible for some time and now there is virtually no road left.  The milk routes on the Tsitiskamma side also need urgent attention.


Kouga has several problems in and around Hankey and Patensie and the most critical roads have been reported.  Higher up in the Patensie area towards the Baviaans Mega Reserve, certain approaches to bridges washed away, but not all can be reported now.  The water levels of the  rivers must first drop before a proper assessment can be made. 


Petrus du Preez, chairperson of the Gamtoos Agricultural Union and Danie Malan, who also serves on the Kouga Roads Forum, have reported the most critical cases.  Marius Klein also reported the severe damages to the Oudebosch road towards Kleinfontein.


The Oyster Bay road from Humansdorp up to the Goedgeloof turnoff and then from Oyster Bay further on to Palmietvlei, is in very poor condition.  In fact the little bridge across the Slang River has always been in a poor condition and is now in a critical condition.


Early next week, consultants will be sent to assess the damages and take photographs.  Funding will be a problem, but we have been assured that the officials will communicate to the Head of the Department of Roads and Public Works for emergency funding and more for flood damages.


Any further information must please be sent to us for proper assessment this week.

 September 05, 2015
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