DA calls on MEC Xasa to intervene in assisting Makhanda residents oppressed by poverty

BY Jane Cowley (MPL), Frontier Constituency Leader

The Democratic Alliance in Makana Local Municipality has tabled a motion with Mr Moppo Mene, Makana Municipal Manager, requesting that the plight of residents at Sun City Informal Settlement in Makhanda be debated at the next council meeting. 

Sun City was established on an old garbage dump site and consists of about 100 shacks that house about 500 people, all of which use the bucket system. The community also share a single working tap. The tap leaks constantly, resulting in pools of filthy water in which mosquitos breed.

The DA has also written to Fikile Xasa, MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), to request that he immediately intervene and find solutions to the challenges facing the residents, majority of whom are oppressed by poverty and unemployment, of this settlement. (see letter attached)

Today the ANC-led government responded to the DA’s motion by hastily organising a visit by Ayanda Dlodlo, Minister of Public Service and Administration, to Sun City Informal Settlement.
When the residents first settled here, their buckets were collected twice a week and they were given garbage bags for their refuse.

Residents no longer receive garbage bags and the buckets are only collected every second month. These buckets crawl with worms and maggots from being left filled for such long periods of time. This causes a health hazard and chest infections and illness are daily realities.

This community epitomizes the service delivery collapse in Makhanda and across the province. The government has prioritized the payment of salaries to cadres above the delivery of municipal services.

Furthermore, this community demonstrates the callous disregard that the government holds for those who cannot enrich them in any way.

Everybody deserves effective service delivery, not just the connected few.

The DA is committed to change and one South Africa for all where inequality is reduced and opportunities are increasing. The residents of Sun City deserve just that.

 September 21, 2018
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