DA to apply national pressure to deal with paper shortage for vehicle licences

BY Marshall von Buchenroder MPL, DA Shadow MEC for Transport

Reports are emerging that the ongoing shortage of specialised paper at e-Natis offices countrywide, has spread to the Eastern Cape, particularly the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.  This means “face-value” licence disks cannot be printed, thus vehicle licences cannot be renewed, nor can new vehicles be registered and delivered. 

I have contacted my colleague in Parliament, Manny de Freitas, DA Shadow Minister for Transport, to take up this matter on a national level.

We cannot allow that a government bungle forces citizens to drive vehicles with expired licence disks.  Nor can we allow that the economy takes a knock because car dealerships cannot sell and transfer vehicles.  This will have a knock-on effect on our economy.  

Swift action is needed.  Part of our economy cannot grind to a halt because of bureaucratic bungling.  The DA is calling for an investigation into the matter.  Action must be taken against the responsible officials.

 September 01, 2016
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