Athol Trollip vindicated by judgment in Jack case

BY Mlindi Nhanha, DA EC Provincial Spokesperson

The DA in the Eastern Cape welcomes the judgment handed down in the PE Magistrates Court exposing the nefarious political conspiracy against Athol Trollip during the 2016 local government elections.

Ms Nontutuzelo Jack alleged in 2016 that Athol Trollip had offered her a bribe to “dig up dirt” on Ms Veliswa Mvenya. Today the judge tore into Ms Jack and ripped apart her testimony.

At the time these false claims were immediately denied and Mr Trollip proceeded to lay a charge of crimen injuria against Ms Jack. After repeated ducking, diving and obfuscating, Ms Jack has been exposed as a liar.

It is of particular concern that former DA Chairperson in the Eastern Cape, Ms Mvenya, testified against Mr Trollip in this case. Her credibility has been dealt a decisive blow today. The judgment today has exposed this political conspiracy in which she and Ms Mvenya appears to have been complicit.

It is clear that this was malicious smear campaign intended to derail the DA and Mr Trollip’s Mayoral Campaign in 2016.

The interest shown in this case by Cllr Mongameli Bobani and Lawrence Troon and there attendance in court also lends credence to this assertion.

Mr Trollip still has a civil case pending against Mr Knight Mali in the Grahamstown High Court.
Troon earlier apologised unconditionally for his defamatory statements levelled against Mr Trollip in the past.

Mr Trollip has been vindicated and his reputation and character restored by this judgement.
The DA in the Eastern Cape remains steadfast behind its Federal Chairperson and is looking forward to the Knight Mali case in the Grahamstown High Court.

 September 28, 2018
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