DA ready to bring change to Great Kei Municipality

BY Nqaba Bhanga, DA EC Premier Candidate

Residents of the Great Kei Local Municipality will on Wednesday, 21 November 2018, have the opportunity to effect change in this troubled and bankrupt municipality.

On Wednesday the residents will go the polls in the Ward 6 by-election and the DA is confident of victory.

Under the failing ANC government the municipality is struggling financially and even finds it difficult to pay staff salaries.

Strikes by municipal staff is crippling service delivery and municipal buildings have been torched in the past.

The municipality was put under administration by the Eastern Cape's Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC‚ Fikile Xasa‚ early in July 2018.

The people of Great Kei will now have an opportunity to reject this failing and uncaring ANC government. Voters can use this opportunity to vote for the DA and send a strong message that they are fed-up with the failing ANC in Great Kei and its record of corruption, poor service delivery and bad governance.

Only a DA government can bring the change that ensures clean governance, speed up service delivery and build One South Africa for All in the Great Kei Local Municipality.

 November 20, 2018
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