The DA will bring change that will improve the lives of Duncan Village residents

BY Nqaba Bhanga, DA EC Premier Candidate

Today, 8 November 2018, the DA Eastern Cape Premier Candidate, Nqaba Bhanga, delivered food donations to 200 households in Duncan Village after their homes were recently destroyed in a devastating fire.
Hundreds of people were left homeless after a paraffin stove exploded. In the ensuing fire these residents of Duncan Village lost everything.

I also assisted DA Councillors and activists in manning a soup kitchen in the area.

This was my third visit in less than two weeks to Duncan Village and I am appalled to find that the failing ANC government in Buffalo City Metro cares so little for its people. The people of Duncan Village are being neglected and are forced to live in cramped and unsanitary conditions.

It is these cramped living conditions that leads to the spread of fires. The residents have no electricity, but need to cook food for their families.

The failing ANC needs to act and speedily redevelop Duncan Village or move these suffering people to where they have access to housing and electricity.

There are housing projects in and around East London which the failing ANC government has botched. These projects could be used to accommodate some of the people in Duncan Village.
The failing ANC government is unable to provide toilets, remove refuse, unblock drains and to deliver basic sanitation and a safe living environment to the long suffering residents of Duncan Village.

The DA has a proven track record of good governance in the Eastern Cape.

Whilst the DA-led coalition governed the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, we eradicated 60% of the 16 000 bucket toilets inherited from the ANC government. In the DA-governed Kouga Municipality we have distributed 1827 title deeds and provided more than 500 households with electricity.

It is clear that only a DA government can deliver change to the people of Duncan Village and the Eastern Cape. Change that will ensure the delivery of quality services and builds One South Africa for All.

 November 08, 2018
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