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This week, the community members of Queenstown in the Eastern Cape used the power of their vote to show support for the party they know delivers for all, the Democratic Alliance.

On 5th December, four by-elections were contested and the DA retained its ward in Bitou and grew its percentage share of the vote in the three ANC wards contested.

The DA grew its support in Queenstown from 32.8% in 2011 to 44% in the by-election.

The Democratic Alliance took the ANC on in a by election in the ANC dominated Lukhanji Municipality, ANC held ward 22.

The DA grew from 8.18% in 2009, 32.80% in 2011 to 43.88% in Lukhanji Municipality, Ward 22 in the by-election.

This ward is comprised of four "township" voting stations and the demographics of the ward are dominated by very poor communities.

It is clear that these communities are the most vulnerable and marginalized in municipalities such as Lukhanji, that are simply not able to provide even a semblance of acceptable service delivery.

The people of this community have been slowly but surely voicing their dissatisfaction in this regard by voting with their "feet" and an analysis of the past three election results clearly shows that their tolerance for maladministration, poor governance and lack of accountability is rapidly evaporating.

This result considered along with three other by-election results of yesterday illustrates that where the DA is in government (Bitou), the voters entrust it with unprecedented endorsement, and where the DA is considered as the only real political alternative it is receiving rapidly growing support.

 December 07, 2012
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