Bay plans projects after R45m windfall

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NELSON Mandela Bay’s Budget and Treasury Directorate has secured R45.5-million in donor funding, the bulk of it from the National Lottery.


In a report to the Budget and Treasury Committee yesterday, chief financial officer Kevin Jacoby said during the drafting of the 2008/09 budget, the metro was under “extreme pressure” to deliver services and it had become necessary to source funds provincially, nationally and internationally.


He said Pricewaterhouse Cooper had been appointed as the service provider and a donor management strategy had been developed that included the development of human resource capacity within the municipality “to ensure the sustainable management of donor funding”.


Jacoby said among the projects that were being funded as a result were:


R3.9-million for the 2010 Film Festival;

R11.3-million for the Township Arts Development Programme;

R8.1-million for the Inner City Music Festival;

R2.5-million to Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism for the development of a 2010 World Cup Host City guide; and

R17.4-million to the Mandela Bay Development Agency for an Arts, Culture and Heritage Journey in the inner city.


Jacoby said in his report that a complete prioritised list of projects was being formalised along with the collation of project proposals, business plans and supporting documentation “to ensure that a proactive approach is adopted”.

In addition, the Donor Management Strategy as well as actual project needs would be communicated to all stakeholders in the municipality.


This would be done to ensure “submissions are centralised and processes streamlined”. Jacoby said the preparation of reports required by donors and funders would be “monitored continuously”.


Responding to the report, Leon de Villiers (DA) said it was “wonderful news and an example of what can happen if you think out of the box”, adding that in the work done to attract donors it would be important to look at the image of the metro.

Asked by Elizabeth Trent (DA) who would perform the oversight role over the funds, Jacoby said this was the specific responsibility of his directorate.


Patrick Cull - The Herald

 May 19, 2010
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