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Recently, there have been three gruesome murders, which have shocked the PE community.

The DA is outraged by these crimes, as they are not only a violation of human rights, but strike fear into the hearts of the PE community. Our freedom is being taken away from us by this criminal element.


Two weekends ago, Sindi Gamada’s body was discovered at a graveyard outside Walmer Township. She had been raped, thereafter murdered on Sunday morning.

More recently, Saturday afternoon, a 76-year-old grandmother from Beverly Grove was beaten to death with a blunt object.

A half-naked, lifeless body of a Schauderville mother was discovered outside De Vos Malan Primary School on Sunday morning. She was allegedly strangled, stuffed into a refuse bag and dumped in a drain.

SAPS statistics show that there has been an increase in the murder rate in the PE area. During 2010/11 the murder rate in PE stood at 399 and had increased to 463 during 2011/2012. There has thus been a 20% increase in the murder rate.

Click here for PE Murder Rate Stats.

The DA also believes that communities have the right to be given real-time statistics and do not have to wait for up to 18 months for these to be made available.

The DA believes that one of the ways in which the murder rate can be brought down is through improved police visibility as well as improved detective work.

On Monday, together with Cllr Chris Roberts, I visited Mount Road Police Station. I will be monitoring issues such as police visibility and improved detective work during this year through my visits to different police stations in PE, and through my interaction with the Police Commissioner.

The DA condemns in the strongest terms, the murder of women in the Bay.

Citizens are urged to become involved in Community Police Forums so that they can work with SAPS to reduce crimes of this nature.

 January 29, 2013
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