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The DA launched its inaugural branch in Ward 17, New Brighton on Tuesday, 20th November. This historic event marks the beginning of a new chapter for the DA and all voters in Nelson Mandela Bay as residents now have access to a credible alternative on their doorsteps. The members have worked hard to establish a structure and successfully elected their branch leadership last week.


Branch Chairperson, Keli Matobela, is a recent graduate of the DA Eastern Cape’s Laphumilanga Leadership Programme. Mr Matobela’s election is evidence of the DA’s commitment to developing leaders at all levels of the party. It is this commitment to leadership development that will ensure our continued growth in Nelson Mandela Bay and the province.


Under the political leadership of Councillor Andrew Whitfield this branch will continue to grow its membership and increase awareness for the DA in the community. Building relationships by resolving issues that are relevant to the community will be the key to winning the hearts and minds of voters in ward 17. The national elections in 2014 will be the litmus test for this exciting new branch in the run up to the 2016 local government elections.


Congratulations to the branch leadership:


Chairperson:                Keli Matobela

Vice Chairperson :       Mbulelo Menze

Secretary:                     Buyelwa Jacobs

Additional Members   Bukeka Ndolo

                                     Lungisa Daweti




Cllr Andrew Whitfield


072 613 9265

 November 28, 2012
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