DA to launch seven new branches in former Transkei

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Issued by: Veliswa Mvenya (MPL)

Provincial Spokesperson


The Democratic Alliance continues to show extensive growth in the Eastern Cape.   DA provincial spokesperson Veliswa Mvenya will be launching a total of seven new branches in the areas of Mnqanduli, Mthatha and Mount Frere this weekend.


This is a clear indication of community support towards the DA. Communities in these areas are dissatisfied with the ANC’s poor track record of service delivery and are turning to the DA.  


They realise that in order to change their circumstances, they have to change their vote. 


The DA will continue to stand up against corruption and jobs-for-pals which are destroying job opportunities in the Eastern Cape.

The formation of these new branches is a continued step on the journey of the DA to replace the current government. 

 October 17, 2013
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