Left with the Fifa baby

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Where has Alan been for the past several months?   I live in Port Elizabeth and can only say if the stadium will cost us R18 million a year, it would be a miracle.


Both the City Council and the Mandela Bay Development Agency have been quoted in local Avusa stable newspapers, The Herald and the Weekend Post, giving us the sour news that the stadium - at present - is set to cost us R6 million a MONTH to maintain, i.e. R72 million a year.     Recent articles have also thrown the ratepayers into gloom with news that there is also an enormous debt to be paid off, with a figure of R260 million cited.    Central government announced, incidentally, at least twelve months ago, that it had no further financial responsibility towards local stadiums.  


In one of the poorest provinces, where we know that at least 84 000 families are still without proper homes, where poor schools are severely compromised by being under-subsidised, where school feeding budgets 'disappear' in a puff of corruption, where health care scandals are legion, where unemployment figures are some of the highest in the country, this is bad news indeed.  


So yes, we are left holding the Fifa baby.   But how are we to care for the real "babies" who need food, shelter and education if our rising rates and taxes are poured into the bottomless pit of the World Cup Stadium, Nelson Mandela Bay?


Letter by Bernice Wright

Port Elizabeth

 July 22, 2010
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