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NELSON Mandela Bay DA caucus leader Leon de Villiers has been elected chairman of the party’s regional management committee for the city.


He immediately fired the first shots ahead of next year’s local government election campaign, saying he believed his party had “a realistic chance of leading a coalition government after next year’s elections”.


De Villiers, who succeeds DA Bhisho caucus leader Bobby Stevenson, said former MP Eddie Trent would be convener of a 2011 elections task team for the Bay.


It was agreed at the party’s conference in Graaff-Reinet last year that such a team would be established to drive the battle to wrest control of the city from the ANC.


De Villiers said Trent had a “proven record as an astute political strategist”.


He said the DA believed voters were rapidly growing tired of the lack of service delivery; having to pay the salaries of “idle and corrupt councillors”; the enrichment of the privileged few at the expense of the unemployed masses; maladministration, wasteful and fruitless expenditure; affirmative action; having to deal with a dysfunctional municipal administration; and waiting for houses and related services.


De Villiers said when the DA became the senior partner in a new coalition government in the Nelson Mandela Bay next year, it would create an efficient administration and appoint people who could “add value”.


He said: “If democracy wins, we all win.”

 April 01, 2010
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