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Sterkspruit, a town in the ANC run Senqu Municipality has been struck by poor service delivery. Sewerage and faeces flows into business properties and through the yards of the residents. Rubbish is scattered all over the town and it now looks like one massive dumping site. This comes after rubbish was not removed for months due to strikes conducted by Sterkspruit community members who can no longer live in the filth poor service delivery has left them. Community members are calling for a standalone municipality due to the neglect of their town by Senqu Municipality.


Residents are now awaiting a response from Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Richard Baloyi who met with community members yesterday. However, for the moment, community members are saying “enough is enough, we are tired of this” referring to the poor performance of the Senqu Municipality after the shocking service delivery they have received. They went further by saying that “corruption must end” and that if their demands are not met, they declare a “dooms day” for Sterkspruit.


Quite simply, the situation in Sterkspruit must be resolved soon. Otherwise the only “strong stream” that will be running through the town will be a stream of faeces and sewerage.

 February 12, 2013
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