SAMWU Camdeboo Members Trash Graaff-Reinet

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For the last 5 weeks, SAMWU in Camdeboo Municipality have been engaged in an unprotected strike.  Despite numerous attempts by Management and Council to attempt to resolve the issue, the Union leaders have refused to recommence full service.


At every engagement, the leaders have been advised that the Camdeboo Municipality would implement the “no work-no pay” rule.  Today, 26 September 2013, the workers were provided with their payslips for the month which reflected that the rule had, in fact, been implemented. 


Some of the workers then went on the rampage through the streets of Graaff-Reinet.  Using municipal vehicles, the group of workers proceeded to dump rubbish along Church Street and Caledon Street, to the extent that Caledon Street had to be closed to traffic.  Click here to view a photograph .  Further dumping of rubbish occurred around the Town Hall.


Graaff-Reinet’s second largest industry is tourism and guesthouse owners have contacted the DA Councillors to voice their dismay and disgust at the state of our town at the hands of those who are paid to keep it clean.


The workers have also been to some of the Councillors’ homes and thrown rubbish bags and soiled nappies into their houses and yards.


The Camdeboo Caucus of the DA will be introducing a motion of exigency to Council calling for the following:

1. That disciplinary action be taken against every individual involved in today’s action.
2. That all costs associated with the clean-up operations of Graaff-Reinet be submitted to SAMWU and that they be compelled to pay for this.


Unfortunately, the cost of lost tourism opportunities, lost sales to the retailers and the pain and suffering caused to those whose homes and businesses have been “trashed” is incalculable.


SAMWU cannot be allowed to get away with this.

 September 27, 2013
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