Enoch Mgijima residents march for change

BY Terri Stander DA Eastern Cape Enoch Mgijima Constituency Leader

Today, more than 800 residents of the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) marched to the Queenstown City Hall to hand over a petition to Mayor Sisisi Tolashe.

The people stood united for change that brings clean, accountable government and consistent, sustainable service delivery.

The Auditor-General reported over R1 billion in irregular, unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure, while road, water and electricity infrastructure has collapsed. The people and business suffer regularly from water and power outages.

Some of the complaints I received are:

• A taxi owner complained that with fuel levies, tax and price hikes – this adds to the costs for commuters;

• Business owner claims losses of R2million per day;

• The father of a four month old baby bought a paraffin stove because of power outages, but cannot use it for all baby needs;

• A gogo from rural Gwatyu complains the failure of municipal tankers to supply water means she cannot bathe or wash clothes - river water is to dirty to use; and

• Students writing exams explain they cannot study properly for their exams, due to power outages

The ANC has failed to take action against uncaring and corrupt Councillors and municipal officials - including the Municipal Manager.

The ANC must choose the party or the people, it cannot have both. To put people first they will have to expel corrupt councillors and cadre officials.

Over 1000 people signed the petition handed over to Mayor.

The petition demands:

• Resignation of Mayor, Mayoral Committee and Municipal Manager;

• Forensic audit for 2008 – 2018 financial years;

• Financial recovery plan;

• Place EMLM under administration;

• EMLM comply with section 32 of the MFMA to recover any irregular, unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure;

• Investigate past and present municipal officials and councillors to discipline/fire/lay criminal charges as applicable; and

• EMLM provide clean government and sustainable service delivery.

The DA will continue to fight against those who abuse state funds at the expense of the poor. It is unacceptable that those in powerful positions abuse their positions to unduly access money meant to empower underprivileged people.

Only a DA government can bring change to the EMLM and the lives of its residents.

 June 20, 2018
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