ANC continues to disregard health in township areas

BY Yusuf Cassim Ngqura Constituency Leader and Member of Parliament

Today I conducted an oversight inspection, within my Constituency, of the Veeplaas Clinic in Redhouse Road, Port Elizabeth.

The shortage of doctors at the clinic is of great concern. Patients have to wait three months to get an appointment with the doctor and the doctor only avails himself for four hours, once a week - on a Wednesday.

Another concern is the time of arrival of the doctor. Today the doctor arrived at 10:45, which means that patients who intended to still attend work are affected and are therefore forced to spend the whole day at the clinic.

The clinic is further not in a good aesthetic condition. There is neither signage nor proper branding that indicates that it is a clinic.

Staff also face difficulties in terms of space. Two nurses are forced to consult in the same room, leaving no chance for privacy or special attention.

Access to medical care remains a challenge for the poor who rely solely on the public health system. On Monday it took over two hours for an ambulance to come from Dora Nginza to pick up a child who was in a very bad state. Dora Nginza is approximately 3.5 km away.

I will write to the MEC of Health, Helen Sauls-August, and also send a report to the portfolio committee of health chairperson, Mary-Ann Dunjwa, regarding the challenges faced in Veeplaas Clinic.

The people of the Eastern Cape need Change that only a DA government can bring, not the ANC who are crippled by factional battles and failing to resolve ongoing crises.

 June 20, 2018
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